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test tube
Provide human biospecimen support, including waste tissue procurement, archival tissues for retrospective studies, custodial storage, histology, and imaging services
Develop and negotiate budgets with business and industry sponsors
Assists investigators and study teams in identifying the most appropriate location for their research visits
Clinical Research Professional Training
Training, continuing education, and networking programs for U of M clinical research professionals
Post-award financial management and reporting
Ensures trial compliance and protects the rights and well-being of study participants
Institutional administrator provides guidance on using
surgery center
Supports research activities and awareness in the M Health Fairview Clinics and Surgery Center
Engaging community members in all phases of research, including study development, recruitment, and implementation
data access
Informatics services including access to rich clinical data and genomics databases
Efficient, comprehensive protocol reviews by clinical research experts
Assists investigators with determination, application support, reporting obligations, and communicates with the FDA to ensure compliance
balanced scale
Guidance and instruction from UMN's IRB for those who conduct research with human subjects
Assistance in preparing materials for IRB submission and guidance for the IRB submission process
The first point of contact for research utilizing M Health Fairview patients, staff, resources, or facilities
An enterprise-wide clinical trials management system (CTMS) used for study management, research participant management, and billing compliance
Guidance for investigators developing their research protocol
Assistance developing recruitment strategies that leverage recruiting technologies, University networking, and community partnerships
An enterprise-wide web-based data collection system
Provides counsel and direction regarding resources, processes, and expertise for conducting clinical and translational research at the University of Minnesota
Institutional authority to submit research proposals and receive awards from external sources on behalf of the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota. SPA is also the fiduciary for the U on grant-related matters
Statistical and data management support, from study design to final analysis and publication of results