Community engagement

CTSI's Office of Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health (CEARCH) supports community and academic teams conducting research that engages diverse communities in translational science. 

Consultations and training

  • Consultation with research teams on conducting community-engaged health research, recruiting participants from the community, and sharing results with participants and stakeholders. 
  • Guidance on applying for funding which may require patient and community involvement

CHAT Sessions

  • Virtual conversations that elevate and center the lived experiences of community members to assist researchers in their health-related research. 
  • Can help researchers formulate a research question the community is also interested in, learn how to conduct their research in culturally appropriate ways, and identify ways or best practices to share the research with community members.

Funding and project support

  • Collaborative pilot funding for community and University research on community health
  • Funding for development of community engaged research projects, collaboration with community stakeholders, and dissemination of research findings

Relationship building and partner matching

  • Introductions between researchers and study teams and community stakeholders
  • Matching community and University partners for collaborative research projects

Associated fees and funding for services

There are no fees for the investigator, study team, or department.

Office hours

Contact us to coordinate access to office hours:

  • By appointment only


[email protected]