Feasibility Reviews

Strengthen your study protocol with the help of our award-winning feasibility review service.


Valuable insights from experts in up to 20 areas — all at once

  • Biospecimen support
  • ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Clinics and Surgery Center 
  • Community engagement
  • Finances
  • Informatics
  • IRB
  • M Health Fairview
  • Monitoring
  • OnCore
  • Professional training
  • REDCap
  • Recruitment
  • Regulatory
  • Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)
  • Statistics
  • …and more

One week from start to finish

Feasibility Review process step-by-step: 1) protocol sent to experts, 2) Experts review and assess, 3) Review meeting held, 4) Written summary provided

1. Protocol shared

Experts on various aspects of clinical research review the protocol and other materials, such as consent forms, budget, and recruitment materials.

2. Review and assessment

Experts flag areas of concern that may lead to IRB stipulations. 

3. Meeting with experts

Receive constructive feedback on your protocol and discuss solutions with experts — all in a single meeting.

4. Written summary

Receive detailed guidance on strengthening your protocol. Guidance ranges from recommended protocol language to research services to consider tapping into.


“I got an incredible amount of extremely valuable information as we went around the room and each expert weighed in on different aspects of the study." 

- Investigator Amy Krentzman, MSW, PhD

“We [quickly] understand what the barriers are for that particular project and try to help the investigator work through those barriers.”

- Timothy Schacker, MD, Vice Dean for Research, Medical School

What users say

“One of the most helpful resources I've experienced as a tenure track faculty member."

“Extremely thorough and the short amount of time it took from protocol submission to the review was excellent.”

“It was fast and transparent.”

“Every member was well prepared and organized. There was no dead air. Each member presented their points succinctly.”

“It is very helpful to get a lot of different perspectives to the table, very useful to have a direct exchange."

“Highly comprehensive. Constructive suggestions.”

“Very well organized and efficient. Reviewers' comments were well explained, and suggested changes/additions to the text of the protocol were very helpful. It was both educational and immensely useful as a PI who is new to the university."


Associated fees and funding for services

There are no fees for the investigator, study team, or department for the optional Feasibility Review service available in the Clinical Research Support Center. 


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