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Biorepository and Laboratory Services

CTSI's Biorepository and Laboratory Services (BLS) provides centralized specimen support to researchers, including procurement, processing, histology, custodial storage, and imaging services. BLS services are available to all researchers within and outside of the University of Minnesota.

Specimen Procurement

  • Collect waste tissue from surgical procedures performed in operating rooms
  • Coverage of operating rooms at University of Minnesota Medical Center (UMMC) East Bank, Clinics and Surgery Center (CSC), and Riverside hospitals
  • Distribute tissue specimens to study teams as fresh, flash frozen, or FFPE
  • If de-identified waste tissue is desired, BLS may be able to provide patient screening and consent (feasibility review required)

Biorepository Facility

  • Archival FFPE and frozen tissue available for retrospective studies
  • Custodial management of non-infectious tissue specimens in LN2 or at -80C

Histology Services

  • Full service histology lab
  • Human and non-human research
  • Immunohistochemistry and tissue microarray production

Digital Imaging

  • Full tissue slide scanning

Associated fees and funding for services

BLS provides consultations to prospective researchers at no-cost. However, investigators are expected to provide funding for BLS services beyond the initial consultation. 

Costs for BLS services

Office hours

Contact us to coordinate access to office hours:

  • By appointment only


[email protected]