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The OnCore clinical trial management system (CTMS) is the University of Minnesota's enterprise-wide system for managing a trial throughout its life cycle to streamline communication, enable information transparency, and enhance the way University research is conducted. CTSI has covered the system's upfront costs as well as provide staff and resources for assistance, training, and ongoing support.

OnCore is required for those conducting human research that is not exempt form the IRB and includes individual consents. Studies billing to patients or third parties must also use OnCore calendars and visit tracking for billing compliance and financial tracking. 

CTSI's OnCore Administration team collaborates with Fairview Research Administration, University of Minnesota Physicians, the Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network (MNCCTN), and other research areas to provide the following project-specific services:

OnCore implementation and quality assurance

  • Review for minimal footprint 
  • Distribute quarterly reports
  • Regular data checks
  • Implementing new functionality 

OnCore training and support

  • Online training modules
  • In-person workshop
  • Monthly refreshers
  • Monthly advanced training
  • Financial training (through CTSI's Clinical Trial Financial Services team)

Set-up and data entry

  • Set up Electronic Data Capture Form and provide training
  • Enter studies/protocols and IRB review information
  • Coordinate building of financial calendars

Other services

  • Custom integration
  • Application development
  • Reporting

Associated fees and funding for services

There are no fees for standard University of Minnesota and Fairview study teams for OnCore or its support, training, quality assurance, and reporting. Customized application and reporting services are available at no cost when there is benefit to the entire University clinical research enterprise. 

Fees do apply for set up and maintenance of the Electronic Data Capture Form, and for OnCore implementation for areas out of scope for the original implementation (e.g., disease network management or studies led by external or non University groups). In these cases, an hourly rate is charged or a percent effort of personnel is required. Learn more on CTSI's website

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